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Walk to Emmaus

Christian leadership for church members with a heart for serving God.

Emmaus Ministries is an ecumenical movement and is interdenominational.

The Walk to Emmaus is a 3 day event, beginning on a Thursday afternoon and ending on the Sunday afternoon and is a spiritual retreat and not a hike.

Comfortable and casual clothing, your bedding, torch, towels, toiletries, an umbrella in case of rain and your purse/wallet with cash for the book table.

KwaZulu-Natal Emmaus ministries will do their best to meet your needs. Should we be in doubt, someone will make contact with you re your dietary needs.

Your accommodation is Ella Combrink Camp Grouds with communal ablutions.


Young people experience a Christian lifestyle of prayer, study and action

Chrysalis is ecumenical and interdenominational.

No boys and girls do not mix as this offers freedom for expression and Sharing that some people do not feel in the presence of the opposite gender.

You will laugh and listen, worship and wonder, share and discuss and have a little free time.

There are 15 talks given by lay and clergy over the 3 day event.

Yes, parents may attend send-off, on Friday morning and the closing Ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

No, no one performs baptisms during Emmaus Ministries events. Emmaus is not a church or a denomination.

Warm, comfortable clothing, toiletries, towels, bedding and cash for a book table.

Face to face

An experience designed specifically for seniors, 60 years and older.

Face to Face Encounters are held in retirement villages or churches over 8 half days or 4 full days.

The cost for an Encounter is quoted on the application form.

The cost of an Encounter covers your teas and lunches daily plus stationery requirements for the event.

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“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25

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General Questions

Emmaus Ministries is an ecumenical movement and is interdenominational.

Emmaus Ministries began in 1981 by mutual agreement with the National Secretariat of the Roman Catholic Cursillo and the Upper Room.

A spiritual sponsor would be the first person to contact. A spiritual sponsor is a member of the community and a person who has completed an event. It may also benefit you to talk to your Minister who could assist you.

These vary per event. All costs are printed on the application forms.

Please read the event information shared under the heading Chrysalis, Walk to Emmaus and Face to Face. This should guide you in choosing an appropriate event for yourself or please make contact with a spiritual sponsor for the event.

An Emmaus community is made up of individuals in a local area who have attended the Walk to Emmaus. They meet in small groups or as a larger body for fellowship, Communion and encouragement. They also assist in conducting Emmaus Walks by agreement with the Upper Room.

Chrysalis Fights are held at Ella Combrink Camp Grounds in Nelspruit during the July school holidays.
The Emmaus Walks are held Ella Combrink Camp Grounds, Nelspruit twice a year, normally beginning and the end of the year.
Face to Face encounters are held at different venues due to the nature of the event. These can be held in Churches, Retirement centres and the like usually during the warmer months of the year.

The dress code for the events is casual and comfortable.

A Gathering is made up of individuals in a local area who have attended the Walk and is a subset of a larger Emmaus community. They meet as a small group for fellowship, singing, Communion, prayer and encouragement. They also participate in supporting the Emmaus Walks held by the whole Emmaus community in many different ways, including: the sponsorship of pilgrims, serving on a team and prayer.
For additional information about our community\’s gatherings, see the community’s web pages.

As Christians we are called to fellowship

love one another as Christ has loved us and to build up the Body of Christ. Come and enjoy the excitement of seeing some of the friends you made on your walk, the fun of singing familiar songs, the joy of worship and communion together.

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