Walk to Emmaus

An experience of Christian Renewal
Walk to Emmaus

What Is The Walk To Emmaus?

This event is for adults eighteen years and older who are typically more established in a local church. Walk to Emmaus is interdenominational and 36 – 40 people enter a unique communal experience. From Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon, the participants, or pilgrims, listen to fifteen talks that give a “short course” in Christian spirituality. They laugh and listen, worship and wonder, share and discuss. Many have testified to the life-giving experience of these three days. Separate yet identical three-day experiences for males and females take place.

Teams are selected according to the same model – male teams lead the events for males and female teams lead the events for females. The Walk supports this model for several reasons:

  • It grants married persons time apart to explore their relationships with God without concern for their spouse’s experience.
  • It frees some spouses from patterns of behaviour in the marriages that would prevent them from speaking openly about spiritual matters if they were together.
  • It offers freedom for expression and sharing that some people do not feel in the presence of the opposite gender, whether participants are married or single.
Sponsor A Pilgrim
Sponsor a Pilgrim

Be Part of making a change - Sponsoring

Sponsoring someone to attend a Walk is one of the greatest Spiritul gifts you can give someone.

Why serve on a team?

When you serve on team you give back to the community that stood by you on your Walk and you feed into the lives of the pilgrims who are attending

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As Christians we are called to fellowship

love one another as Christ has loved us and to build up the Body of Christ. Come and enjoy the excitement of seeing some of the friends you made on your walk, the fun of singing familiar songs, the joy of worship and communion together.

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