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The purpose of Emmaus Minsitries is not about the event but what you do with the experience thereafter…
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What Happens After an Emmaus Ministries Event?

One of the primary strengths of Emmaus Ministries is the follow-up. Your event lasts only three days for Emmaus Walks and Chrysalis Flights and 4 sessions for Face to Face, but you are invited to build on these for the rest of your life.

Those who attend an Emmaus Ministries event are encouraged to do two things following their event:


  1. Expand their own spiritual lives through study and congregational participation, support the members’ quest for spiritual growth, to uphold one another in prayer, and to hold each other accountable on their faith journeys.
  2. Become more active disciples of Christ in the world through their churches.
To nurture this process of discipleship, the Emmaus Ministries movement offers specific opportunities.


  • Firstly, reunion groups of four to six people who meet weekly/bi-weekly/monthly to reflect on their quest for spiritual growth and encourage one another in their discipleship.
  • Secondly, there will be meetings called “Community Gatherings”. All people in a particular Emmaus community or area are invited for fellowship, worship, and information instruction together with their guests as they sing, and pray with one another.
  • Thirdly, through a newsletter, the Community is made aware of support needs for upcoming Emmaus Ministries events and of opportunities to work in a variety of ways during future weekends and events.

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